So it begins…

Welcome to my blog – yes, I have actually decided to make an anime blog long after blogs became considered an obsolete dinosaur and real hipsters moved on to things that don’t require you to, uh, write so much. But I’m lazy – heck I’m so lazy that I am using WordPress to make my blog despite having taken two different degrees that include web page design courses as part of the curriculum. But in moments where I’m more inclined to let my mind wander than do something productive I still need some kind of platform to get my thoughts out – rather than just sitting around mumbling to myself.

About me – I’m from the Old World (so forgive the bad punctuation), but have spent a sizeable amount of time in the US and Australia and have relatives on nearly every continent (if you include in-laws).

Oh, and I’m probably way too old to watch anime, but I apparently age backwards, Benjamin Button style. 


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