Random thoughts

Whoa, I took a bit of a break these past few months. Due primarily to familial responsibilities and a need to marathon through Breaking Bad. I’ve got along post coming along, but first here are some random thoughts.

Congratualtions. You did it. You got what you wanted – A Chuu2 season without drama. Instead it’s just repeating the jokes that had already gotten old in season 1.
Without any serious or sombre undertones fantasy scenes in a slice of life show are just lame. It’s like seing a guy get drunk alone in a bar. When he is escaping his sad, sad life to escape into a world of Carlsberg and suddenly imagines he is the greatest charmer in the world only to fall flat on his ass when approaching a woman in the bar it is touching. Melancholy. And terrible in it’s own poetic way. When he is just a drunk dumbass college student who can’t hold his booze it’s lame and embarrassing.

Kyousogiga was initially perceived by some as UNDERRATED (or at least overlooked) and thus said people went on to tout the show as if it was the second coming of Our Lord and Savior.
It certainly helped that the show pandered incessantly to the “Ivory Tower” segment (philosophy majors and introverted self-styled intellectuals among which I once counted myself) by loading the show with existentialist philosophy, mysticism and religious imagery. It basically screams “You must like this show because it makes you look smart”.
Reall,y it was a decent show with some great animation but it suffered from an overstretched plot while still feeling strangely compressed at 10 episodes, with too many flashbacks and side characters that are neither fully fleshed out or whose existence properly explained (like, what were all the “normal” people doing in there?).
It wouldn’t introducte the main protagonist until episode 2 and would then gradually shift focus away from her. It could spend an entire episode on a supporting character then introduce 10 characters (some of which were important) in a few minutes. It could spend five minutes on a scene with a character who has no impact on the story and is never seen again
while skimping over important plot points in a matter of seconds.
Just for the record; crytic does not necessarily equal cool.

OK, Coppellion didn’t turn out to be THAT great. But it seems from reading the forums that people primarily complained about the show not following the Manga 100 percent.
HELLO! Different mediums require different pacing. One thing I did find lacking in the story was the total absence of logic in the first divisions motives, and how quickly they changed their minds about destroying the planet with radioactive waste to instead chose to be friends. WTF? 

Gurren Lagann 2 Kill la Kill continues to amaze me.


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