What happened to horror anime?

I nostalgically remember the late nights when I would turn on the TV, open a bottle of Morgan, switch on the PS3, open a bottle of Havanna Club, bring out the Bacardi Gold
and settle down in my couch to marathon some Higurashi or Ghost Hunt. Maybe not masterpeices, but good, solid creepy mystery/horror that scare and intrigue without trying too hard to gross us out. How much has changed since then. First off, I have passed my rum phase and moved on to bourbon, my supposedly clinical depression turned out to be no more than a vitamin d deficiency (truly a lesson to all¬†basement dwellers out there) and I’m no longer a recluse. More significantly, there are absolotely NO decent horror
anime being made anymore.
I’m not talking about “Vampire Wolf Brigade EX III – Raid on the demon womb, extra blood and guts edition” style fare, but genuine old fashioned thrillers.
The closest we came recently was Another which, despite having a cast so stupid you’d think it was evolution killing them off, was still sufficiently creepy and atmospheric
to satisfy my needs. For a while. But these days even Hollywood is skimping on the horror – remeber when Horror films were decent, had large budgets and top name actors? Now it’s mostly assembly line stuff intended solely for the video market or for 15 year olds who don’t know what else to watch on their dates. The fact that Another got made into a Manga,an Anime AND a live-action film in spite of it’s logic-defying plot just shows how big the dearth of good horror is these days.

If someone doesn’t get going again soon I might have to create some horror of my own…¬†Townsfolk beware!